TWO KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Sylvie di Giusto Joins Brad

First Impressions with Sylvie di Giusto Business Keynote Speaker.
First Impressions with Sylvie di Giusto Business Keynote Speaker.

Keynote Speaker Sylvie di Giusto

Sylvie talks about having one word that we might try to broadcast to the world.  Her current word is SPECTACULAR.  

I know Sylvie because we are both professional keynote speakers. And I had the good fortune recently to be invited to a very special dinner party she arranged. The short story is she brought together many people that do not know each other in an attempt to grow new relationships, contacts, and joy.   

I’ll tell you about the party on a different day… But let me tell you it was a total blast.

And if you were able to judge the quality of a person by the friends she attracts by this measure alone Sylvie is a rockstar.

I was excited to interview her for the podcast. There’s too much to cover in the blog. Listen to the recording.

 But let me give you a few highlights.

Sylvie is a very focused and accomplished woman. Take this one example: while pregnant she and her husband decided to move from Europe to America… And accomplished that feet in nine days. Did I mention she was pregnant? She told us that when she was young she always wanted to be an American. Wow.

We also talked about fashion… because let me tell you Sylvie always has the absolute coolest clothes. I laughed when she gave the following advice: people shouldn’t be talking about your clothes. If you dress in a certain way – either good or bad – and that’s what people talk about when they leave you you’ve done it wrong. And then she smiled and said that for her she absolutely breaks that rule.  It’s part of being spectacular!   Plus she has an interest and knack for fashion… And loves it.  Jealously, I wish I was more like Sylvie in this way.  

Authenticity:  she is for it.  But we need to be careful.  Sure we need to share things with the right people at the right times.  In her opinion, being authentic is showing the best version of ourselves.  I challenged her.   She said that we just need to pick and choose which parts of our lives we are vulnerable about.   Yup…sounds brilliant to me.  

What’s the most REAL part of your personality you’ve brought up on stage I asked.  She makes fun of her German mathematician and engineer.    Oh dang I want to hear those jokes.   

We talked more about her kids, parenting, being married to an engineer, how her Roomba vacuum cleaner ruined a virtual Zoom presentation. Oh dang I want to see that video!!!

Sylvie is smart and funny.  She’s so fun. No wonder she is such a successful keynote speaker.   And I absolutely loved this interview.  I think you will too.

Thanks Sylvie for joining us.  

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