I recently worked in Beaver Creek Colorado (an awesome ski resort) with Financial Network Investment Corporation, (from Broomfield, Colorado.) My client, Gus Fox-Smith flattered me with this very cool audio testimonial.

I’m flattered.

Why do financial and banking audiences need funny motivational speakers? Why do these serious folks need humorists? It amazes me that these groups don’t invest in bringing humor to their meetings more than they do, as I’m convinced that this group needs humor AT LEAST as much as other audience.

But sometimes I think that groups who work hard in industries that are filled with pressure and stress need more humor and most.

In any case it was a hoot.

“Really funny guy.” Had a fantastic message about bringing humor and lightness into your life.”

“I would book him in a minute.”

Click here to HEAR gus.

You rock, Gus! It was a blast.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Colorado Speaker, Financial Speaker

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