I was flattered to be part of a celebration and awards banquet or a bunch of deserving nurses in Riverside, California the other day.

It was a cool format that I wish other clients would consider… it was really a terrific “bang for the buck” for my client, and I wish I could get more clients to think they way they did.

They had an awards ceremony. It was beautiful. It was important. It was BORING. So this year they brought me in to handle things. We started with some humor and comedy. Then a message of hope and appreciation for the nurses. Then off to the awards.

And throughout the awards, I had their blessing to poke fun at the proceedings, at the occational SNAFUs, and at myself. (While at the same time I promised to give the awards and the winners the respect and honor they deserved.) The result? I was flattered; they loved it. It was fun. It went by quickly (and that’s saying a lot…. haven’t we all been to those ceremonies that drag on forever!) And it was, judging by the audience, pretty darned funny.

If they had half as much fun watching as I did being the master of ceremonies (or emcee… whatever you call it) then we’re fine.

Lookee here!

Thanks to the Press Enterprise of Riverside, California for hosting my… er…. hosting.

Ok, I’ll ask: Care to book me to emcee your event? click here.


Brad Montgomery
Master of Ceremonies, Emcee, Speaker, Comic, and Fan of California.

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