Elmer Fudd weally wikes seawch engines.

Google is amazing in it’s ability to demonstwate a cowpowate sense of humow.

Google allows it’s users to search in diffewent languages… Engwish, Spanish, Gewman, and a ton of othews. But it awso awows you to seawch in “Elmer Fudd” language.

Look here:

Does your corporation have a sense of humor? Learn from a pro.

Atta boy, Google.

Also check out Google in Pig Latin:
And in the Swedish Chef from the Muppets and the Muppet show:

Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Seminar Leader, Google User, Goofball

No humor in YOUR workplace? Look here.

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  1. Gina
    Gina says:

    Hello Brad,

    I was reading your blog and wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas. I LOVE your sense of humor and believe meeting our goals in life is easier when we are able build our sense of humor. Having alopecia, I have also discovered that I had to choose to develop my sense of humor about my hairloss. Yet when I was able to laugh, it helped me to heal.

    Your article reminded me of a conference I attended for “Women In
    Technology” (WITI) in Los Angeles, CA last year. At that conference I had
    the awesome opportunity to meet Marcia Wieder.

    She and I spoke about overcoming fears to achieve our dreams.
    Although my time with her was brief, I learned from “America’s Dream Coach”
    about the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone so I could achieve
    my dreams. At that time I really did not know who this precious woman was
    but later learned she had been on Oprah and PBS-TV.

    Marcia’s brief touch on my life made a great impact on me. Recently I
    discovered her blog and
    a Maui Dream Retreat she is giving away!!! The Maui Dream
    Retreat includes a week in Maui with Marcia, roundtrip airfare, and accomodations!!
    I thought you might be interested in what she had to say as well.

    May all of our dreams come true!!


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