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Working for NIC in Denver, Colorado (home!) was a hoot!

This eGovernment company really took a chance on me: this conference featured the top dogs at this HUGE web company as well as their best clients. In other words, this was a very important group of people. Bring in the wrong speaker and the consequences would be horrible.

Furthermore, this group meets often, but they had never had a humorist or motivational speaker; and with me they had both. Again… pretty chancy.

Happily, it went great. After a day of high-content learning we took this group and shook them up, tossed ’em around, and made ’em laugh. We put the blood back into their faces, and set the tone for the rest of the day.

My message to NIC? Take yourself less lightly, while taking your job seriously. Enjoy yourself; enjoy your job.

They invested — as so many of my clients are recently — in a HUMOR TOOL KIT for each of their participants, so that each of them would leave with the tools and tips and gag with which to play at work. (I wish you could have seen it…. immediately after my program, with the music blaring, one of the NIC folks was literally tossing these kits to the different folks in the audience. The energy was off the charts. It was a really great moment.)nic chris

Afterwards, my meeting planner, Chris N. told me that we had “really created an awesome buzz.” (And he told me later that the buzz lasted…it’s still going.) I can’t think of a better compliment.

Click this button (and turn up your speakers to HEAR Chris from NIC talk about his experience with me.. pretty cool, huh?)


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  1. Steve Mertz
    Steve Mertz says:

    Brad-Well deserved compliments! Having seen you-I second those comments! The audio sounds fabulous but I was wondering about one thing…is it Ok for motivational humorists to smile in pictures or do they have to remain professional :)

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