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I was recently in Illinois speaking at a teacher in service. I LOVE speaking for educators! And happily, this group was pleased to see me too. How do YOU know if your motivational speaker is any good? There are several ways to guarantee success but one way is to hear from former clients. Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Brad: Hey it’s Brad Montgomery from BradMontgomery.com.  I just worked in McHenry, Illinois as an Education

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Speaker; total blast. They had me do three different sessions; it was sort of like a teacher in service, but they had everybody there, classified and non-classified staff.  It was a blast and the cool thing it went well, so let’s listen to see what my client Fred had to say about it.

Fred: Hey I’m Fred Laudadio, and I am the Director of Learning and Technology for McHenry school district 15.  We used Brad Montgomery for our opening day, and our school district is eight schools; 5,000 students and about 500 staff members.  So, Brad did an excellent job.  He made people laugh until they cried and people just truly enjoyed his humor and his magic.  In making the decision to choose Brad, it really came down to who would be the best fit for our school district and truly somebody with a  vision, but also that uses humor that is important to a lot of people.  And we took a risk, because in previous years, the speakers we were able to go watch personally before we chose them and with Brad he was actually across the country, I believe in Mexico with his family at the time, and so we did a lot of work over the phone and we also called a couple of other school districts that he presented at.  And to no regret, Brad was phenomenal and I would recommend to anyone for educational presentation or any business presentation.  So thank you very much.

Brad:  No, thank you.  You said something that you’re already getting feedback, electronic feedback, personal feedback, can you speak to that?

Fred:  Yes, it’s only been about a half an hour since Brad spoke and we’ve gotten e-mails from teachers, we’ve had administrators already approach us, we’ve had even our Superintendent say to previous years’ speakers, we honestly don’t know how you can match one speaker from one year to the next, and you know, Brad has met the challenge to the tenth degree.  So everyone was very pleased and feedback is coming in via e-mail and even face-to-face from a lot of people.  So, whoo hoo.

Brad:  And one more thing, you took advantage and I thought were smart, to have me do multiple sessions.  Tell them what we did and how did it work.

Fred:  Sure.  This is our big opening day and so what we do is we meet with all of the certified staff, teachers, secretaries, any classification meets and so that is a huge presentation.  And so that is what we did first today and that was about an hour and fifteen minutes long and Brad completely nailed it which was fantastic.  Then, we met and we did something different this year and that was because Brad was flexible and agreed to that, was we took our administrative staff and we brought them into the learning center, and we have about 35 to 40 of them on our team, and Brad gave them a message personalized just for them and tailored to what we as leaders need to do as an inspiration for the people that work underneath us and that’s at all levels, from both a central office level and a school level.  And lastly we met with the food service team for the school district.  A team that not necessarily has ever gotten somebody to come and speak to them and motivate them; a particular team that has a lot of turnover and a group that needs motivation.  And so Brad came in and was able to speak with them and gave them a message that they were able to walk away with and even just five minutes ago we’ve had three or four food service people come up and thank him for the message that he gave them.  So three completely different crowds and three very inspired groups of people.

Brad:  Thanks.

Fred:  You’re welcome.

Brad:   **** as that, but one of the things that I wanted you to notice from Fred is that if you’re booking an education speaker, you might want to think about using me, taking advantage of me in a good way, the same way Fred did.  So, he had me do a key note speech for all of his educators, for classified and non-classified staff.  And then we followed that with that deal for the leaders, and that was a really cool moment where we took the administrators, put them in a small group, and then we shaped the message and kind of reminded them specifically as leaders how does this message apply to you.  How can you use levity and lightheartedness and happiness and joy to make sure that your job as an administrator is, you know, that you’re running at full speed.

And finally, how cool was it that he separated the nutrition folks, you know, they were lunch ladies.  They were surprised, totally surprised to have a speaker come in for them, and it was also fun, because they were really quiet, but in the end it was clear that that was a great investment of time and fun.

So, if you’re looking for a speaker to come speak to your school district, or your schools, if you’re looking for an educator speaker that’s funny and can still make it relevant, I’d love to be your to be your guy.  Come visit at BradMontgomery.com.  Thanks.

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