farmington-schools-logoOk. Not exactly.

Farmington Schools recently hired me to motivate their administrators. We brought them together for one huge team-building, morale-building, humor in the workplace fiesta. Ok, seminar is the proper term, but hey, “fiesta” sounds like better marketing.

We did Laugh-O-Nomics: my session for folks who really wan to create lasting change in their work culture.

It went great:check out the reviews in this very short video:

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your school district? Want to inspire and motivate your staff, your classified staff or your administrators? I’d love to be your guy.

The main take away for me: I was struck with how important it is to these educators to make their job fun.  They were craving both tools and techniques for bringing levity and lightheartedness to the workplace AND permission to use them.   In other words, one of the biggest things I provided by being there was encouragement and permission to bring the concept “enjoying ourselves at school will help us with our mission as educators” to each of these fine educators.

Many of them new HOW to lighten up; they just had forgotten how important it was both to them AND to the superintendent.

It was a great day in Colorado.(Which was weird, because the school district was over the border in New Mexico!)

Learn more about this educators speaker here.

Brad Montgomery
Education Speaker, New Mexico Speaker, Fan of Farmington!

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