Brad is On Sale! (Discounted DVD & CD)

Lucky You!  You found the secret page with a HUGE discount for funny motivational business speaker Brad Montgomery’s top selling CD and DVD.   On Sale.  Special.  OMG this is a great deal.  Heck, at this price you can buy a set for the whole family!

$23.50    Set of Both Brad’s top DVD and his top CD

  1.  Brad’s latest CD of his very popular Laugh-O-Nomics™ Keynote – LIVE! The science is clear: happy people perform better than their unhappy peers.  Learn the hows and whys of happiness as it relates to your life and your job.
    You’ll learn some of the science behind happiness; but even better, you’ll learn
    some surprisingly simple techniques to incorporate immediately at work and at
    home that will make you — and your organization — happier.  Listen on your commute, while walking the dog, or when you’re feeling the need to laugh.
  2. Happiness Pays!    A very funny video of Brad’s full keynote.  TOTALLY different material than the CD!  Learn more about how to make yourself happier on purpose, and how to use that bump to improve yourself, your relationships, and your productivity at work.  Need a boost to ANY part of your life?   This DVD is the ticket.

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Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational business speaker who believes you can be better, happier and more successful by focusing on the PEOPLE in your life — and your job.  Learn more about about how Brad uses humor, levity, and stories to create change in top business audiences across the nation and around the world.   Contact us now for more info on booking Brad for your event.