Doug Henning: Motivational Speaker or Magician?

Both, if you ask me. When I was a kid I loved this guy. His TV specials made me want to become a magician as my main job.   (I’m a speaker now, but for years I was a professional entertainer. )

Doug Denning Was A Magical Inspiration to Me!

We miss him. (He died a few years ago.)

I just ran into the cool quote from Doug, and thought you’d be interested:

“Wonder is very necessary in life. When we’re little kids, we’re filled
with wonder for the world — it’s fascinating and miraculous. A lot of people lose that. They become cynical and jaded, especially in modern day society. Magic renews that wonder.”

Doug!! You were a skilled and totally entertaining magician. Sometimes a bit weird, but always charming and totally authentic.  I watched ALL of your TV Specials where you proved that being unique and surprising was one cool way to approach magic.  You taught me what excellence looks like. And you taught me what spandex was.  (Ick.). Thanks for being an inspiration.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Magician, Fan of Doug Henning

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