Motivational speakers are a waste of time. motivational-speakerLet’s face it, you’ve heard what they are going to say before they even step on stage.

After seeing hundreds of keynote speeches and gazillions (is that a number?) of motivational speakers, I can save you the time and tell you three reasons why NOT to hire one.

1. Your company president is probably just as funny, has really great stories that make relevant points, and knows how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Really. I’m sure he’s great.

2. Why bother?! You could just Google some great motivational quotes or something and have Duane from accounting read them. He has a loud voice and won’t even need a microphone. And you can spend the money you save on bigger cookies. (And besides, you’ll make Duane feel great!)

3. Motivation Schmotivation. People will do what they want at the pace they want. And that’s that. You can’t change yourself, and you can’t change others. So why not save the headache and watch a Bay Watch re-run?

Ok people. In case you haven’t noticed by now I’m joking. There’s a famous comparison between motivation and showers: just because you’re clean once doesn’t mean you’ll never need another shower.

We all need regular doses of motivation: and outside paid professional speakers are able to deliver tried and true messages in a way your internal folks will never be able too.  They can deliver crucial info — stuff your organization already knows — in a fresh way that makes them want to get up and go.   Let’s face it:  your people already have the skills and knowledge to succeed and excel.  But they aren’t succeeding or excelling.  Why?  Lack of motivation.

I’m as tired of crappy motivational speakers as you are. But when  your group is ready for a pick me up, give the president a pass and hire a pro.

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Brad Montgomery
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  1. Acerwiter09
    Acerwiter09 says:

    Motivaltional speakers are not to be trusted. Consider this: Hitler was the greatest motivational speaker of all time and look what happened there. If you want to read more, checl out my blog: Diary of an Office Rebel.

  2. Brad Montgomery
    Brad Montgomery says:

    Well, yup Hitler did get the audiences fired up. You got me there. But so did every other idiot leader in world history.

    But I challenge you to think about this: General Eisenhower was pretty motivating. Churchill was an awesome motivational speaker. And more recently, Ronald Reagan was — for better or worse — pretty terrific at getting the country behind a single idea.

    Nice thought… but I think you have it wrong. Thanks for the comment though.

  3. James
    James says:

    You’re completely right about hiring an outsider to motivate the staff! Even if you’re telling them things they already know, the reinforcement of this information is what drivers their motivation. I think the staff feel more comfortable taking on board the advice if it comes from a motivational speaker rather than their boss!

  4. Ruby Clifton
    Ruby Clifton says:

    In my humble opinion, Motivational Speakers are NOT AT ALL a waste of time. It is some fly by night untrained operators, who are bringing a bad name to this wonderful profession. You can expect results only from the trained speakers, who know the topic they are speaking on very well, and from such people, who just skim through the main points.

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