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Last Friday I was invited to be a motivational speaker for the Merced, California Child Support Enforcement Agency. Their folks have been working hard.

Like so many other government agencies (especially in California) they are doing more with less. A few years ago, they lost some of their staff from budget cuts (sounds like California) and there morale took a huge hit from which it still hasn’t recovered. Add to it the fact that their clients are people who are also suffering; they are not the type of clients that tend to say, “thanks.”

So they needed a break. they needed to laugh. And they needed somebody from the outside to come in and show them the other side of the coin; show them that although their life at work is indeed very difficult, there are still so many things for which to be thankful. There are still many things that are very funny.

My impression, after doing to extended keynote presentations was that this group… rocks! They have a ton of good people, people who care deeply about their job and the families they are helping. These are people who are good at their jobs and deserve a smile.

I was totally flattered to meet and work with them.

Thanks for having me in, Merced! You rock! Ride that Pony.

I have a favor to ask of you, Merced: what was the one or two things that stuck with you? What was your “ah ha” from our keynote on Friday? What stood out for you?   Would you comment below?
Thanks so much!

Brad Montgomery
California Motivational Keynote Speaker, Comedian, Fan of Those Who Enforce Child Support

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  1. chandra petrillo
    chandra petrillo says:

    Thank you so very much for Friday. It was an absolutely wonderful experience, as I have never before had the privilege (is that spelled right?? :), anyway) to attend a meeting with a motivational speaker. I have however, been to comedy clubs, and I have to say you were just as funny. Your book was great also.
    I think the thing that stuck out the most for myself, was really using the opportunity to see that I really do need to see life the way my children do ( I have three children : ages six, four, and three) and just stop one day just to smell the roses, see the sun shining, and realize what a beautiful day it really is. That the job could be worse – – or we could be unemployed!! I myself really enjoy the job, but then again, I’m a “newbie” (our since coined phrase for ‘new person on the job’). I enjoy that we really, sincerely, for the first time in my life, REALLY are helping people. Hey, Brad– HOW COOL IS THAT??!!?? (That really stuck too!!!!! more than anything else, I think :)
    The other thing that stuck out was that we just really need to have a positive outlook no matter what. “I’m doing great today, thank you” even if I’m not.
    I tend to already be a very positive person, but I will store your notes in the cobwebs of my brain for those days when I just don’t feel like smiling, or trying to boost morale in the office, or trying to make someone else feel better when I feel crappy. I will try to remember that making someone else feel better might just make me feel better too.

    Thank you again Brad. It was a wonderful experience, and if you are ever this way again, make sure to let our office know!!

    Chandra L. Petrillo
    Child Support Specialist for Merced County

  2. Sandra Mooneyham
    Sandra Mooneyham says:

    Hey, Brad! I was the birthday girl who wore her pants to work backwards one day last week. I tend to be an upbeat person who will make fun of my own mistakes (which I did that day!) and will try to help others see the bright side of any difficulty they may be having. But …. we all need our batteries recharged now and then… and your presentation certainly recharged mine. It was a nice mix of your own brand of humor with opportunities for individual and group input as well. I found myself saying this weekend at least once, “How cool is that !?” Hopin’ you don’t mind if we steal your line to help us get through the day now and then. We’re also hopin’ that the information that our group was able to share as “one thing we choose to do to make the day go better” …. WE CHOOSE TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS WITH RESPECT AND PROFESSIONALISM REGARDLESS OF THE MISTAKES THEY MAY HAVE MADE OR THE WAY THEY MAY HAVE TREATED US…… becomes a valuable reminder to everyone on staff that it really works!!! THANKS for the presentation and for giving us the opportunity to give feedback !! Have a great day! Sandra Mooneyham

  3. Martha Kelly
    Martha Kelly says:

    Hi, Brad. I really enjoyed your presentation. I put the rope under my pillow as you suggested, but I didn’t have a hammock there on Saturday morning, just an old tooth the tooth fairy returned to me. I’ve really tried since Friday to see the bright side of things, and the humor all around us and I think it has really helped. Of course, it makes a difference that we only have to work four days this week!
    I remembered enough to bring a jigsaw puzzle to work this morning and staff are actually working on it. How cool is that? Thanks again for giving us a different perspective on our everyday lives.

    Martha Kelly

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