Mark Sharenbroich (based in Minnesota) is one of my favorite professional speakers and motivational humorists. He’s a rock star in the youth and school market, and is making some impressive tracks in the corporate world as well. No wonder… he’s terrific.minnesota speaker

Mark is a teacher and friend, and recently we had the chance to talk about the “impostor syndrome” and how we, as presenters, often worry the our audiences will “find us out” to be impostors.

Is there anybody in any job who has NOT had that experience? I doubt it. Which is why it’s fun to hear from extremely accomplished people to hear what THEY think about this concept.

This short free audio, you’ll get a sample of how even the most experience speakers and presenters can get “The Nervies.”

Thanks so much, Mark.

Check out my work as a motivational humorist speaker here.
Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Consultant, fan of Mark Sharenbroich

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