Do Healthcare Audiences Need a Motivational Speaker?

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Many healthcare groups grapple with who they should hire when looking for a speaker for their conferences. Should it be someone on the inside of the healthcare industry?  Joint Commission updates? More technical training?  Sometimes it’s not obvious that non-industry health care speaker is the answer.  But usually, it’s just what the doctor ordered. (See what I did there?!) 

I have never worked for a hospital system or healthcare association that hasn’t ALREADY received tons of training on engagement and customer experience.  Let’s face it: your people know what to do when it comes to how to treat other people, but they don’t always do it. They don’t need more information or training—they need motivation.  This is where I can be helpful: closing the gap between what they know and what they actually do.

Here’s what every healthcare worker is constantly told: treat your patients really, really well. Look them in the eye and introduce yourself. Explain the process, let them know the outcomes, help them understand the issues.  Ask them if they have questions. Etc, blah blah blah. 

Let’s be frank:  this is the stuff they were taught by their grandmothers. This is what they learned from their 3rd grade teacher.   We ALL already know how to be kind to each other.

Sometimes all the greatest technical training in the world only obfuscates what is truly the core of the healthcare worker’s job:   service to other people. If we can remember that we are all people in service of other people, and if we can put that basic truth in front of all of the technical and engagement training, everything would be better.  Including epic patient satisfaction. 

You’re people don’t need more info.  They need to feel less overwhelmed.  They need to be able to make sense out of what they already know. They need … errr… me!  

Healthcare motivational speakers use stories and humor to make sure your audiences not only knows what they should be doing better, but also that they FEEL like they care. To feel like they want to do more.  And to be excited about stepping up their game, and fulfilling their potential.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Is the people side of healthcare important to you and your organization?  Do your folks have the training but are still falling short?  (Or maybe they are doing great and you don’t want to lose ground?).  You don’t need another healthcare insider.  You don’t need another doc or another HeathCare Administration PHd.    You need a motivational speaker.   Call us and let’s start to plan an experience that will help get your people to where they need to be.

Brad Montgomery has spoken to thousands of audience members during his career as a motivational speaker, but he particularly enjoys sharing his message with healthcare groups. Brad’s inspirational message connects passion, engagement and improvement, all in a 60-minute package.  Contact Brad today to see how he can craft a custom keynote for your organization. 

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