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DISCOUNTED Motivational Speaker

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Deeply Discounted Funny Motivational Speaker — for Select Clients Only

We have a very limited program that provides a very deep discount for Brad’s motivational keynote services in exchange for flexibility on your part. We love this program, and know you will too. Let me explain. Brad loves to say yes to organizations like yours. But he is also a professional optimistic person, which means that there is always a small chance that one of his large corporate clients calls and wants him at full fee in Hawaii. :-)

So the problem is, "How can we say yes to reasonable and fun clients like you while still protecting Brad's ability to work for larger corporate clients?" The answer is the Flexibility Program. Basically it means that you would book Brad at the deeply discounted rate, and Brad helps you rock your meeting or convention. But we are also acknowledging there is a small chance that Brad would be offered a date at his full corporate fee, which by now you know is quite pricey. Should Brad get an offer for Full fee motivational keynote, he’ll take care of you by sending a replacement/substitute motivational speaker.

You’ll be the one who not only avoided the wrong motivational keynote speaker, you’ll be the one who found somebody who is utterly fantastic.

Brad Explains the Discount For Flexibility Program

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THERE ARE 3 Things You Need to Understand

This program is very limited.  (Very few organizations per year are eligible.)

First, you’ll never have to pay a nickel more than we’ve agreed to. Even if I have to fly the replacement funny motivational speaker in from a different state, you’ll never pay more.  

Second, you are guaranteed a very high level speaker. Brad is good friends with many national speakers who are in the same category as he is. They are all funny, speak on stress, levity, humor, change, and using laughter to get through difficult times. They all have national credentials and a long list of very happy clients for their motivational keynotes. They are all quite pricey.  Your audience will LOVE them. Guaranteed. 

Third, we’ll do all the leg work.  Should I need to send a replacement speaker, we’ll handle everything, communicate promptly and completely, and generally take care of you.  You don’t even need to do another Letter of Agreement (unless you want one.). We’ve got your back. 

Again, let me reiterate that almost certainly I’m your guy.  I’ll be there.  Almost certainly. :-) But in the event Brad  would not be able to do it, you’ll get a speaker about which your audience will rave.

It’s an exchange of flexibility for a very deep discount. 

We’ve offered this very limited program for over 20 years and I’ve had 100% client satisfaction with it. In other words even the very tiny percentage of people who are sent a replacement were thrilled.

It’s Exclusive

You’ll note that this is not anything we advertise. It is a secret, it’s something we use only a handful of times per year, and it is reserved for clients who we feel would be a good fit.  It is not available for the overwhelming majority of clients. Questions?  Call us and we’ll help to determine your eligibility. 

It’s Win — Win!

The success of this program is twofold. Over the years clients who normally would have had to settle for a less experienced and credentialed motivational speaker get somebody there very happy with. But it’s also great for me. I love this job, and have just enough hubris that I believe my message needs to get out there. And I love serving organizations who otherwise would not be able to afford me. You’ll be happy. Your audience will be happy. I’ll be happy. This is going to be a blast!

  • Guaranteed. I’ll be there or I’ll cover you.  I’ve got your back.
  • Your Investment Will Not Change. No change in fee. Period.
  • The math is on your side;  Brad is yours.  (And in the tiny chance he’s not?  He’s still got your back.)
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