I had a great time working for Denver, Colorado’s own St. Anthony’s Hospital last week for their event for Cardiac nurses. I was scheduled to be their health care speaker after lunch, but at the last minute traded with a California nurse who had plane troubles.

It was a hoot! I love speaking to nurses.. we joked about HIPPA and over-demanding doctors, and generally poked fun at most of health care in general.

My “mission” was to celebrate the success of these nurses, to give them a huge “thank you” message, and to teach them some techniques for taking the humor back to their workplace — back to their cardiac floors at their hospitals.

My favorite part? A cardiac physician came in late (as he was the next speaker) and sat quietly in the back. He was the only doctor. He was a really good guy, and ended up being the punching bag for the nurses’ stressed…. he did it with grace and confidence.

And best of all… he kept the humor going into his program. After I finished “firing up” the nurses, he was to teach them the latest news in cardiac medicine. He, apparently at the last minute, changed his boring talk about the human heart to something like,

“Dead Meat Don’t Beat”

Thanks St. Anthony! And thanks cardiac nurses. You are a very impressive heath care group.

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