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We now present the eighth in a series of video articles about:
How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment

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Brad Montgomery,
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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here is the video transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery from with another idea on maximizing your return on investment with your motivational or inspirational speaker.

So this tip is easy.  Pick somebody who customizes their program for you. So why? Well audiences are hip right now and audiences can see through it if the speaker just kind of walks in and delivers a really canned over-prepared program. I don’t think today people want to see a presentation. They want a speaker who’s talking to them about their needs, their desires, their stresses, their problems and what solutions they can implement to get to where they want to go.

So that means for you, you got to make sure you hire a speaker that can connect with that audience and delivering a non-customized speech does not connect to your audience. And of course that connection is crucial.  That’s why you’ve hired your speaker to come in.

A customized keynote presentation is more valuable to your group

You can just hand them a photocopied packet of information if you just want to deliver “Here’s the information we want you to have.”  But that’s not what you want. You want someone to come in and create an experience that’s meaningful and valuable and has impact and is fun and will turn them into a team, right?  I think you do. So if you’re going to do that, I think with today’s media savvy audiences, you need to make sure you get somebody to connect and that’s going to mean customize.

So a bigger speaker who’s going to customize, it makes a huge, huge difference. It’s worth it to you to make sure that happens.

How do you make sure you’re hiring a motivational speaker that will customize and not just tailor? Ask them.

Your motivational speaker should customize his program to YOUR group’s specific needs

It’s a great question when you’re thinking about hiring a speaker or you’ve just hired a speaker, “What are you going to do to customize your program to my audience and their problems? What are you going to do to help me deliver the message I have for my people? If you’re talking to somebody and, after you ask that question, if they start to squirm and wiggle and hem and haw, you got the wrong person.

All right, my name is Brad Montgomery. I’d love to be part of your team. I’d love to help you take your meeting or your conference and make it a rocking success. So give us a call, we’ll talk about how we can do just that. One of the things we’ll talk about of course is a custom keynote presentation.

Talk to you soon. Have a great day.

2 replies
  1. Brad
    Brad says:

    Thanks Tina….You’re terrific. I think the main thing to remember when hiring a motivational speaker is to just talk to them. Ask them tons of questions. If you can’t think of any questions, just ask,

    “What questions SHOULD I be asking you as a potential motivational speaker?”

    If they can’t think of any good ones, you have there what we call, “a hint.” :)

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. Tina Williamson
    Tina Williamson says:

    As a meeting and conference planning, I would not choose a speaker who did not deliver customization in his/her program. Brad Montgomery is an excellent example of a motivational speaker who promises and delivers on customization. Good job, Brad!

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