Here is one thing about employees in mediocre companies: most do not feel a sense of responsibility towards work. They go through their tasks like automatons, working without a care as to how their performance will affect others. The lackluster attitude affects the whole company as a result.

The truth is this: the lack of responsible employees leads to costly consequences. Cultivating responsibility will help improve overall performance of a company. The more responsible employees are, the harder they strive to meet and exceed expectations at work.

Whether you manage or lead a company, it is your role to help employees become accountable and responsible at work. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Clearly Defined Roles and Organizational Structure

Some employees do not do their jobs well because they are unsure of their roles. Others do not feel the need to perform if nobody is monitoring their work.

Employees will have a hard time being responsible for their work if they are not sure of their job description and the organizational structure. Clearly define their tasks, colleagues and immediate supervisors and set their expectations about where they stand in the

Set Employee-Specific Goals

A company that consists of people with different skills and personalities makes individual goal setting a challenge. Employees who feel that their targets are too high or inapplicable tend to perform less responsibly at work.

Positioning your employees’ goals and priorities effectively will help them become more effective and responsible employees. Assess each employee’s performance and set goals depending on their capabilities.

Involvement in company decisions

Employees with low morale and productivity think their efforts will not make a difference to the company. They tend to be reckless at work as a result.

On the other hand, employees tend to be more responsible if they can see their contributions to the company. Create opportunities for employee involvement by letting them exercise their judgment in their tasks. Get their ideas on business process improvements.

Responsible employees contribute significantly to the company’s success. Start cultivating a culture of accountability and responsibility in the office. One way to achieve that is through motivational talks.

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