Creating Magic at Corporate Events

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Most of you who read this blog know that I am a full time professional business speaker.  But what you might not know is that prior to that I was a professional magician for more than a decade.  In fact, magic is still a deep passion of mine.  And as it turns out, sometimes I’m able to combine both my speaking services and magic skills to make corporate events, well, magical!

One of my very favorite types of jobs goes like this: I deliver a keynote address in the morning, followed by an evening entertainment program after dinner, or even hosting the awards banquet incorporating comedy and magic.  

Why do I love this?  Audiences are tired by the time dinner happens. They are stuffed with content and often just want an escape from a day packed with learning.  They want a vacation from their lives, an opportunity to unwind and digest the information from the day.

Here’s where I come in with the magic and comedy experience. I provide a chance to laugh, a chance to kick back, and an opportunity for the entire group to have a shared experience.  And here’s a fun fact and added benefit: when business groups laugh together and experience the same thing, it brings them closer together.  Laughter and shared experiences have a huge and lasting team building effect.

What are my corporate magic shows like? First off, a ton of audience interaction.  Any entertainment that is good is made way better when audiences see it happening to people they know. When I bring Bob from sales and Suzy from accounting up on stage, with magic and laughter surrounding the two, it makes the experience even more powerful.

I see magic as a tool and vehicle to bring people closer together with a shared experience.  A shared unique experience because it was for that group in that room and will never be repeated again. I have seen the power of laughter and magic bring groups closer together time and time again.  I’m certain that this kind of bond creates more happiness and harmony in the workplace.  How’s that for magic?

Brad being funny on stage
Brad doing magic with two audience members

For three decades, Brad Montgomery has been entertaining audiences and sharing his unique brand of wisdom. Contact Brad today to find out how a Keynote Address + Magic show can have a lasting impact on your audience.  If you are in the Denver Metro Area, Brad is available for Magic and Comedy shows.