I got a kick out of this funny tee shirt. What cracks me up is how this shirt isn’t far from the truth.

Would you have the guts to wear it to a community college?

How else could you offend the “hand that feeds you?”  What is the worst tee shirt you could imagine wearing at work?

How about:

  • My Manager is Insecure and Incompetent.
  • If (insert your company/organization here) was stupid enough to hire me, how good could they really be?   Or:  Home Depot is desperate enough to hire even me

How about for folks in retail:

  • Nobody who works here uses the crap we sell.   (For example, if you work for Ford, your shirt would be “Everybody at Ford drives a Chrysler.”)

Or for restaurant workers:

  • This hell hole barely passed the heath inspection.

How far could YOU go to slam your workplace?   When does a slam turn from funny to offensive?  Let me know.

PS.  My brother is a college counselor / advisor, and I doubt even he could get you into school if you can’t spell community college.

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