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Admit it: your memos are boring. And because they can barely stay away through an entire memo, you aren’t getting your message across. They aren’t listening.

I have a million ideas about adding levity and humor to your workplace communications, but very few of them are as easy as this one: Baby Mail. Got something important to say? Want them to actually listen? Try communicating it with BabyMail. I love this communication tool for a bunch of reasons.

  • They will actually listen to it. Carefully.
  • They will end up sharing it w/ their teammates and talking about it. (Do they do this with YOUR memos.)
  • It demonstrates that you have a personality and sense of humor — even if you don’t.
  • It forces you to communicate your message in 20 seconds.  Come on…you can do it. That’s all they have time for anyway.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event — and don’t feel like hiring a baby would be appropriate? Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery

Motivational Speaker, Funny Humorist, Humor in the Workplace Keynotes, Fan of Baby Mail

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  1. key to happiness
    key to happiness says:

    You are right on that Brad. Memos are very tiring. Based from my experience, I used to send out memos to my teammates but after a while I got tired since on top of sending memos, I still have to follow-up on them. You really have a good suggestion here. Thanks!

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