Can you imagine wearing this dress to work on a ‘casual Friday?’ Hey, who needs doughnuts when you’re wearing cream puffs? It might be a tad “inappropriate,” But gosh!.. It’s tasty!

Baker Valentyn Shtefano and his bride Viktoriya show off her wedding gown, which Shtefano made out of flour, eggs, sugar and caramel in the western Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod in Aug. 27, 2006. The edible dress, made of 1,500 cream puffs and weighing in at 20 pounds (9 kilograms), took the 28-year-old baker two months to make.

Need some humor in your workplace, but don’t want to wear your snacks? Need to lighten up that next meeting but don’t want to come dressed as a cream puff? Try one of my humor in the workplace keynotes or seminars.

Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Speaker, Consultant, Motivational Keynote Humorist Speaker

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