Just back from being a humorous motivational speaker for Personix, Inc. (We were at Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas.) It was a fun group, and different from many of my programs. Why?

1. It was a small group. They had about 50 of their senior leadership team. This is a group of very well-traveled, highly educated folks, been-there-done-that folks.
2. They wanted me to speak after dinner. They had been in educational sessions ALL day, and had me speak after they had all had access to a great (and heavy!) buffet and the open bar.

In other words, it was a pretty tough audience. Tired. Jaded. Small.

But it ended up being a blast. The group responded well (which was very flattering.) The humor hit well, including the customized jokes I wrote just for that company.

The CEO had some very kind words after the program, and my contact was (apparently) delighted.

But the best indicator for me of the success of my version of the motivational speech was fun to watch.

It was fun, from my perspective, to see that group make the change during the program. At the beginning, they were skeptical and fairly quiet. Many arms were crossed. A few of the people (seated at round tables) at first didn’t even turn their chairs to face the platform. But by the end, they were laughing, and laughing hard. Their arms were uncrossed, and they were totally engaged in the humor.

And seeing them linger after the event and laugh, share funny stories, crazy anecdotes, etc. was — from my perspective —- a really great sign of success.

I had a blast. Thanks Personix!

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