Trickle Down Motivation

Leaders who are fully engaged and satisfied with themselves and their jobs are better leaders. Corporate speaker Brad Montgomery inspires and motivates your top managers to take responsibility for their own attitudes and actions, thereby inspiring and motivating their teams to higher performance, sales, production, and job satisfaction.

Brad is a business speaker who believes attitude starts at the top. Either your leaders model and pass on excellent attitudes or they don’t. And if they don’t, the hit to your culture is costly.

Brad takes a selfie with the crowd

If Your People Are Not Fully Engaged, It’s Time To Look in the Mirror

Motivation, attitude and job satisfaction start at the top. Are your top leaders and managers talking the talk and walking the walk? Are positive mentors? Are they leading with positivity? (Hint: they should be.)

It is likely that your leaders are excellent at task management and even management of people. But it is equally likely that your people are not as polished as they should be when it comes to leading with attitude, passion and positivity. This is where Brad Montgomery can help you. By putting Brad on stage at your events, your workforce will be passionate, positive, and motivated to push the company to greater heights.

Your most valuable asset is your people; it’s time to invest in them. Brad’s approach in being a corporate emcee is quite a unique one. He teaches specific techniques and strategies to all employees, from the C-levels to the cafeteria workers will use to improve their own on-the-job attitudes, and to inspire them to be catalysts for positivity.

But he doesn’t just drone on with different principles in management or leadership or camaraderie. Instead, he infuses his words with humor and fun to make the whole event more interesting. With this approach, Brad captivates his audience and helps them better understand the whole point of the talk. You can count on Brad’s over 25 years of experience as a corporate speaker to transform your staff into an active, driven, and passionate workforce.

Brad doesn’t teach how-to’s for management; you can find a trainer to do that. Brad will help ignite the the fun, passion and motivation your people crave. And better yet, he’ll make them WANT to spread that positivity throughout your organization in a way that it will trickle down from the C-Suite to the Copy Room to you Customers and End Users.