What are corporate magicians? And Why do you need one?

I got a call today from a very nice woman who had some excellent questions about my use of magic in my job as a professional speaker.

I ended up giving her a short course on corporate magicians and what sets them apart, and it struck me that this was an excellent topic for many of my readers.

The main difference between a typical magician and a true corporate magician is that corporate magicians are experienced in working for sophisticated, well-educated groups that want more than just the average run of the mill magician. Corporate audiences don’t want a magician or magician speaker to do the “magic scarf” trick or the silly rope trick. Nope, they want some serious entertainment. And if your magician is going to incorporate comedy, then by all means make sure you select a comedian magician who understands how to work clean and for high end business audiences.

There are a ton of magicians who are part time professionals; they are wonderful teachers, plumbers, doctors etc. who are often amazingly skilled magicians as well. Many of these folks are my pals.

But if you are making a huge investment in a corporate or association convention, it is well worth your investment and trouble to engage a professional corporate magician.

Brad Montgomery: National and Colorado corporate magician

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