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Not exactly. I just was a motivational speaker for a Colorado – based company called Home Lumber. What a blast! These guys are a great bunch of folks: hard working men in the construction industry. (They supply building materials to huge builders in Colorado.)

It was a great meeting. They had me finish up their sales meeting and there were many things that made it a success.

1. The group really needed a laugh.
2. The CEO followed my motivational speech with a really up-beat re-cap of the program, and how he totally believes the messages of positive attitudes.
3. They did a great job of setting up the program: the group was jazzed about seeing “the speaker” who they promised would be really funny and deliver a message about enjoying their jobs more.
4. I kicked butt. : )
5. I used a ton of customized, written-just-for-that-audience humor and comedy that (in my opinion) made the program more relevant. And more funny.

It was a great time. I was pleased to be part of the sales conference. And really loved Home Lumber.

Check out the topic they chose for their sales conference here

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