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Comedy as Art

Greg Risberg has a great gag he milks for maximum comic effect: he happens to look exactly like the guy in that famous picture that Chicago Institute of Art, American Gothic. (You know… the guy with the pitch fork.)

Based in Illinois, Greg is a humorist and motivational / inspirational speaker. He is also laugh out loud funny.

But best of all, Greg has a great heart. He has an excellent story about how he used the our book (Greg is a co-author of my first book, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the power of laughter) to build a house. (Find the story at our book site blog.)

I’ve done my best to learn from him. Inspired by Greg, I’ve followed his lead. Five different times I’ve sold Humor Me and donated 100% of the profits to Katrina victims.

The result three fold:

1. I sold way more books than I would have had I not donated the money to charity. People were glad to get involved.
2. It was fun and funny.
3. Everybody FELT great. I felt great. My meeting planner felt great. And the audience felt great.

All this from Greg… one of the funniest inspirational humorists around.

Thanks Greg!

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