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I don’t care what side of the political divide you’re on, Sarah Palin makes for some tasty jokes.

One thing is for certain:  she is funnier and easier to tease than Senator Biden.  As a humoristspeaker and comedian, the most fun would  be had with Obama and Palin winning office together.  Too bad they can’t be on the same ticket—  we comedians would go nuts with joy.   (McCain and Biden are just…. well… boring.  They might be awesome at their jobs, but they just ain’t funny.)  Check out this link to a funny site:   Who has time to make this stuff?

Note:  Just keep clicking!  Click on the door over and over and over again.  Made me laugh out loud.  (Ok, so I’m a 14 year old boy on the inside.  It’s still flippin’ funny!)

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  1. Jason Peck
    Jason Peck says:

    Never mind the office door what about the right-hand door on the table! And the snarling couch is pretty funny too. Palin borders on self-satirising that’s the only thing. Should’ve been Michael Palin.

    Why don’t you run next time, Brad? President Montgomery has a certain ring to it. Thing is you’d need a straight man to run as VP.

  2. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    Thanks Jason. You’re right, I should run for President.

    Wait…just kidding. I’m stupid but not THAT stupid.

    cheers mate!


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