This is a pretty cool post about from a (infrequently blogging) comedian interviewing another comedian. My favorite question was regarding “a weirdest moment on stage.”

(My interest in weird comedian stories comes from the recent release of Comedy War Stories.)

From: 8 Questions with a comedian: Johnny Millwater

Here’s an excerpt:

8 Questions With Johnny Millwater

3. Weirdest Moment in Comedy?

All my moments in comedy are pretty weird.

In the pursuit of comedic greatness I have been de-trousered, robbed, beaten, burned (often), and molested by drunk men and women varying in age from 18 to 92.

I’ve been hit by a semi truck, I’ve survived a plane crash, I’ve burned stages, I shattered the neon sign at the legendary Charlie Goodnight’s with my body and I watched an 85 year old woman literally die laughing in front of me during a show in front of 1500 people.

I’ve performed great shows feverish, bleeding, suicidal, nauseous and nude.

My weirdest moment in comedy would be if a show went the way I expected it to.

I’d say he has that about right. I’ve never had anybody die in my audiences, but when I worked for cruise ships I had a few senior citizens sleep in the front row. (Yeah, the FRONT row.) It would have been worse, (they could have been snoring, which they weren’t.) The only good news is that they were asleep before my show started. Which kept me just insecure, and not suicidal.
Weird comedy shows? Bring them on!

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