Funny Motivational Speaker Rik Roberts

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Rik Roberts Comedian Speaker.

Rik Roberts is a very funny man.  He’s a comedian.  A podcaster. A speaker and a student of comedy.  (He runs a comedy podcast in which he interviews a ton of  awesome speakers.)

In this conversation Brad and Rik talk about how Rik got started in comedy, how he transitioned to being a keynote speaker, and what in the heck it is like to do online or virtual comedy through a Zoom camera.  (Spoiler:  it ain’t easy.)

What many people don’t understand about motivational speakers and comedians is that the performance is only a small part of the package. It’s show business.  And the “business” part is probably as hard as the on-stage part.  Rik is really good at both.  And this fact is part of what makes him so fun to talk to.

Interested in the behind-the-scenes world of speaking works?  Then this podcast is for you.

Funny Motivational Speaker Rik Roberts
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is many things:  Comedy Magician, funny motivational speaker, podcaster, and dad.  He speaks to organizations across the country and around the world about The People Side of Business.

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