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I’m just back from a meeting of the Colorado Speaker Association. (The Colorado chapter of the National Speakers Association. It is a great group of terrific emerging and professional speakers, and the meetings are always great. But today was amazing.

We listened to small business consultant Mark LeBlanc talk to us about growing our business, professional speaker mark leblancand it was just terrific. He mentioned so many valuable things, but one of my major take-aways was that a huge key in business growth is to demonstrate and promote the RESULTS of what we offer in our business. Sure, we solve problems for our clients. Sure we satisfy needs for our clients, but in order to truly excel, we need to demonstrate what results we will create.

After his presentation, a few fellow Colorado speakers and I chatted about what ‘results’ we deliver to our clients. Would you like to hear mine? Glad you asked…

As a really funny motivational speaker I give an audiences a lift and a break from their lives; a 45 to 90 minute vacation from themselves, their jobs, their problems and even the convention. And the result of this humor break is that my audiences are ready to learn, ready to get back to work, and ready to bring a sense of lightness and joy to that convention, to their jobs, and to their lives. (Gosh… that’s pretty deep for a comedian, huh?)

My clients have already invested a ton in the convention or meeting (with the expenses of travel, food, hotel, lost work, etc) with the goal of creating change. In my estimation, they cannot afford NOT to have their folks ready to learn and move forward.  They cannot afford not to get their people ready to learn, ready to move forward, and ready to adapt reasonable changes.
Those are the results I offer: I get convention, corporate and association audiences ready to work with a renewed sense of humor, perspective, and joy.

And you thought I was just a laugh out loud funny motivational speaker? Nope. Just ask Mark LeBlanc.

My point: Jokes aside, knowing and promoting your VALUE and RESULTS is an excellent idea, and the exercise was well worth the investment.
Thanks kids. Thanks Mark.

Check out how I can provide those RESULTS to you and your group here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorist, Creator of Joy, and Colorado – Based Speaker

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