I was proud to be the speaker for a county government colorado speakerevent in Colorado where I was asked to address 300 unemployed folks. Some of they had been unemployed for some time. One guy was unemployed as recently as four days before the keynote.

It was a humbling and exciting program.   It’s cool to be a motivational speaker, but it’s especially cool to speak to groups that clearly need motivation.

Can you imagine a more needy audience than a group recently rocked right out of their jobs?  Can you imagine a more jaded audience?  Each one of them beamed at me the attitude:   “Ok, Pal.  What have you got for me?”    Tough crowd.

But it was a blast.  Check out this flattering letter from my meeting planner.

May 8, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Brad Montgomery just rocked our audience at our first-ever Job Search Conference held on Friday, April 24, 2009.  I suggest you let him do the same for you.

As a government agency, we have some strict requirements.  And at thimagesis particular event, we asked Brad to speak to over 220 job seekers that required special sensitivity while being motivated.  They also needed to laugh.   In one single session, we got both from Brad.

What impressed us most was not the humor — though I saw people nearly falling out of their chairs and wiping the tears out of their eyes.  What impressed us most was how he was able to relate a relevant message that applied to our audience into such a fun experience.

To say that morale has been a problem for this group is an understatement.  They were stressed, emotionally sensitive, and absolutely in need of a positive and USEFUL upbeat message.  With Brad, we were able to give them both.

Brad gave us specific ideas about how to stay positive… and reminded us how staying upbeat is directly related to achieving with our jobs.  (And our families!)

Not only was Brad great on the platform, he was totally accessible and helpful during the whole planning process.

If you are considering using a speaker for any group, you definitely should hire Brad.  If you are a county or state government agency, you ABSOLUTELY need Brad.

It wasn’t two thumbs up. It was 500 thumbs up!


Dena Jardine
Associate Director
Larimer County Workforce Center

Looking for motivational speakers and think I might be a good fit for your meeting, convention, or association?  Me too. :)  Employed or not, I’d love to be your guy.  Go to the Contact Page.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor-in-the-Workplace Expert, Lucky to Have a Job

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