I love being a motivational speaker, but one thing that I don’t love is that it is often a singular lonely job. Colorado SpeakerYes, we get to know our audiences. And yes, we often become close with the meeting planners.

But we rarely get to work with other speakers — people who KNOW what it’s like to be on stage regularly. People who know the joys and pains of earning a living “performing.”

I recently was shared the platform — just for a few minutes — with fellow Colorado speaker Steve Spangler. He was doing his boot camp for teachers and invited me to come on stage to do a bit of comedy with squeakers. I taught how to use a tiny squeaker hidden in your hand to get some laughs at work and generally boost your fun-o-meter.****

I was only on the platform for a short time, but it was really fun because Steve and I got to vamp off each other. I teased him. He teased me. Together we worked through the squeakers. The audience was very kind, and that was nice. But having a chance to be on stage with somebody I like and trust — and somebody who is very funny as well was a treat.

My point? I’m not sure I have one. But darn! It’s fun working with other funny speakers. Thanks Steve!

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Brad Montgomery

Colorado Speaker, Fan of Steve and Earl (read on), Secretly Eager to Be in a Comedy Team.

**** Both Steve and I learned about the squeakers from the master, Dr. Earl Reum who I’m pretty sure is the first one to figure out that these squeakers can be VERY funny. Earl is a hero to all Colorado speakers and magicians, all of the in-the-know Colorado speakers and to student council, educational and corporate groups across the country. Thanks Earl for sharing your secrets!

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