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I spend much of my time as a motivational speaker traveling to my jobs. I love traveling the country and even the world to deliver speeches to diverse audiences from a wide array of industries. But one of my favorite places to work is in my home state of Colorado.

Why? I’m not saying I don’t love airline food, full body scans, and lost baggage. I’m just saying that working locally has its charms.  Lots of charms.

A huge portion of my client’s expense when hiring pro speakers is the travel expense.  They pay for hotel, air tickets, airport parking and even food.  Hiring a local speaker means an instant discount: no travel expense.  It’s easily a 10% savings.    

I speak regularly at the Colorado Convention Center, nearby resorts such as the Broadmoor and the Gaylord Rockies and at mountain resorts in Vail, Beavercreek, and Keystone.  Clients who hired me for these gigs have enjoyed a substantial savings.

And here’s another reason hiring a Colorado speaker is beneficial: my meeting planners ALL worry about Colorado weather.  “Will weather impact Brad’s travel, will he make it to my event on time, or worse, what if he doesn’t show up?”  I’m very proud to say that I have never missed an event in more than three decades, but still, my client’s anxiety about bad weather is real. Very real.  So here’s the bonus: Colorado clients eliminate a huge anxiety.

I love Colorado.  If you’re looking for a place to host your event, come here!  It’s lovely!  And once you’ve decided to host your meeting or convention here in Colorado, hire a Colorado speaker.  

Here’s the bottom line: as a Colorado based speaker, I’ll travel anywhere to share my message with clients.  But working in my own backyard has benefits for everybody.  We all win.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is a Colorado Native. As a Colorado speaker, he has traveled the world to speak at events and conventions, but there’s no place like home.  Look no further if you need  a speaker for your next meeting in the Brad’s home state.  Call 303-691-0726 today to find out how Brad can make your next meeting epic.

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