I am a member of the Mile High Magician’s Society… a group of Colorado magicians and magic enthusiasts based in Denver, Colorado. It is a great group of people, a ton of magical talent. Mentors, friends, role models. There are many amateur magicians, many part time professional magicians, and a few of us pros.

They just did their annual fund raiser show. Seems to me like it was a short course in how not to promote anything.

I didn’t see the show, but understand it was filled with some great magicians. But what a shame…. almost no advertising. And what little advertising I saw failed to mention which magicians were featured, nor what type of magic these entertainers do.

I’m convinced in this world, a poster or announcement that says, “Magic Show” is pretty far from what it takes. People want personality, they want something unique, and they want it to be first class.

Lance Burton and David Copperfield brand themselves… not their “magic show.” They are more than a “magic show”…. they are an experience, and they market that.

The Colorado magicians club has a lot to learn, but it seems to me that it starts with a tiny lesson in marketing.

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  1. Keir Royale
    Keir Royale says:

    Hi Brad, Couldn’t agree with you more. The club didn’t want to spend anything on advertising and it showed in the ticket sales. As one of the performers at the show I thought it went well aside from the lack of attendance, and perhaps that it could have run a little shorter.

  2. Robert LaRue
    Robert LaRue says:

    To describe the show as ‘a bust’ in any dimension is unfortunate. The show itself was wonderful. Every performer, from the part-time pros, like myself, to the full-time performers, like retiring superstar Max Hapner, were excellent. The response of the audience was enthusiastic. Ticket sales were lower than expected, true.

    Here’s a thought for event planners: Make sure your event is not planned for the day after a national holiday when the theatre box office is closed for all of Friday and Saturday until 5 PM of show day! Wish I’d thought of that much earlier!

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