Colorado Comedian Josh Blue just won Last Comic Standing. Why?

Yes he was funny. Yes he was talented. Yes his jokes were good. But the main reason why he beat the others is because he is likable.

All of the comics were funny. (Ok, some more than others.) But what Josh has is charm and a huge amount of charisma. We laughed with him sure; but we just really liked him and wanted him to win. And that is his best (of many) assets.

That and the fact that his is knock down funny.:)
I saw him in a Colorado Comedy Club just a few months ago and loved him. It was great to see this guy, who obviously is dripping with charm and talent, pull out the top slot. And it was cool that the winner works totally clean.

Check out this excerpt from Colorado’s newspaper, the Denver Post:

Josh Blue is a different sort of comic-way different At first, you don’t know whether to laugh with him or at him. It’s OK to do both. Josh Blue doesn’t care. Either way is fine with him, as long as you laugh.

Blue is a 27-year-old Denver comic who has cerebral palsy. Or, as he jokes on his website, he’s “the comedian that puts the cerebral in cerebral palsy.”

He tells audiences at the beginning of his act, “I was hoping you’d laugh good and hard tonight. This is my Make a Wish.” Pause as the crowd erupts in laughter. He picks it right up. “If I had another Make a Wish, I would do things a little differently.” Another pause, then he says to an attractive woman in the front row, “It would be you, ma’am.”

Way to Go Josh.

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Brad Montgomery
Clean Corporate Comedian, Comedian Speaker and Humorist, Fan of Josh Blue

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  1. Michael Santarcangelo
    Michael Santarcangelo says:

    I watched this carefully… and I also noticed something about Josh – he brought something different (and funny) every week. Some of the other comics recycled their material or stayed in the same genre for each week. While sometimes that can be funny….

    Josh was different EVERY week. He tied his humor together and made it easy for us to follow along. Less work for us, made the punch lines come easier… and we weren’t let down.

    Now that is not easy, so it allowed me to be even more impressed. I certainly look forward to seeing him live sometime. And I hope you interview him for your podcast!

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