Coffee With A Laugh | Stay for the End

As a motivational speaker — especially in 2020 — I work with video a lot.  We were filming a recent preview video about my work as an online motivational business speaker when I filmed this B-Roll of us making a sweet cup of coffee.

As a gag I made the surprise ending. It was fun to film. It was fun to edit. I hope you have fun watching this coffee joke video.

Did I mention that you should stay for the end?

Coffee With A Laugh | Stay for the End
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational keynote speaker.  He also loves coffee.

If you’re looking for a funny speaker to ramp up your next meeting…and to get your people to where you think they ought — and deserve — to be give us a call.  We’ll talk about how we can customize a presentation for your meeting or convention.

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