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What What Would It Mean To Your Career To Have Personal Attention from One of the Nation’s Top Motivational Speakers?

Shave years off your learning curve, accelerate your progress, get yourself and your Motivational speaker Brad Montgomeorycareer to where they deserve to be fast.

Are you looking to invest in your business? The smart and successful presenters know that the single best marketing we can do is to have a great program. What are you doing to make that happen?

What would it mean to you and your business to have Brad’s full attention focused on you?

I know you’re busy. I know you’re “too close” to your own presentation to work on it the way you should. I know you want and need an experienced pro (who knows and understands the presentation of humor and comedy). And I know it is just plain hard to sit still for a full day and concentrate on improving your product. Good news: we have an answer.

Brad takes on only six clients per year. He is not a full time coach; he’s a speaker, author and business dude. But he likes to coach — and lucky him, people like to be coached by him. So space is very limited in this program. You might have to wait a few months until a space opens up.

“Get to the next level,” has to be one of the most over-used cliche’s in the speaking and presentation business. But let’s face it — you want to get there. If you don’t take advantage of this offer, what will you do to make make it happen?” — Brad Montgomery

Come to wonderful Denver, Colorado to visit Brad Montgomery for a full day of Brad and receive his undivided attention and the benefit of over nearly two decades in the speaking and the entertainment industry.

Then you’ll have limited access to Brad for 12 Months. (One phone call per month, full email access — assuming you don’t go crazy with that.)

Brad is a CSP, has thousands of programs under his belt (where they kind of tickle) and knows this biz inside and out. He is also an excellent teacher… not just of about life, the business of  speaking (and/or entertaining), but he’s got a Black Belt in humor skills (which he bought at Macy’s).  Business.  Comedy/Humor.  Presentation Skills.  And way more.

And, if you believe his mom, he’s a really nice guy. Do you want to get to the next level (what ever that means to you)? Here’s your chance. Go for it!

Get the Brad-A-Palooza Coaching.

Whaduya Get?

• We’ll go over video of your program minute-by-minute in a totally safe, positive way looking for strengths to build on and weaker points to improve. You’ll leave with an action list of specific ideas you can implement starting the very next day.
• Practice your actual keynote or presentation with Brad’s feedback and coaching.
• Get practical input regarding timing, presence, and delivery.
• Work on the format and structure of the presentation.
• Confirm intro, opening, and closing are as strong as possible.
• Talk about powerpoint strategies.
• Questions and answers about the business of speaking. Here’s your chance!
• You’ll have access to all of Brad’s paperwork: audio visual info, contracts (and the different versions of them) Pre- Program Questionnaires, database layout, gig-checklist forms… everything!
• An honest and frank discussion about the business of speaking, and Brad’s best advice about how to move YOUR career to where it should be.
• A review of your promotional materials, including your preview video and website. And of course..
•Unlimited phone and email access to Brad for the next 12 months. This one is huge!
• And, of course…. Special attention to using, incorporating and delivering more humor in your presentations.

Your investment in this year of Coaching with Brad is $5K.
Plus you’ll pay for your travel in and out of Denver for the in-person session.
On a budget? Want to improve, but not ready for the Full-Palooza?

Video Mini-Palooza-By-Phone

Brad will review your video, and then spend 100 minutes with you on the phone talking about specific ways to improve your program. This option comes with unlimited email (Don’t go nuts) and 1x/month phone access to Brad for the next three months. Investment: $2.5K.


35 minutes of phone coaching with Brad. Come ready to ask all of your questions, and take notes. Brad will spill all he’s got just for you and your needs. Comes with limited follow-up email access to Brad. Phone, Skype or iChat. Investment: $300.

What now? Call us!  Let’s set up a call between you and Brad. (It’s free, and it will help us to know if you’re a good fit for what Brad has to offer.) Looking for some coaching to get you to where you deserve to be? Contact us here.


Want to Learn From Brad But Not Ready To Take The Leap?

Check out These Products and learn from Brad without actually having to talk to him. (Don’t get us wrong, you’ll love Brad. But if want to ge a feel as to how Brad thinks, or if you want to do a lower-cost test drive, you should start here.)

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Coaching from nationally-known thought leader, happiness expert, comedian, motivational speaker, and humorist Brad Montgomery?  You bet!  Call us now and get started.  You deserve to do things the easy way, and Brad can help.

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