Clown Noses at Work

At a very recent date where I was a California Motivational Speaker in San Jose, California for the HRD Network we talked about the importance of Humor In the Workplace. One of the many examples I gave them was regarding clown noses, and how they can use them at work to keep the humor and laughter going.

I talked about, for example, how when they wear a clown nose while speaking on the phone with a difficult customer they can keep a smile on their face. (Because after all, isn’t it impossible to let even the most difficult customer upset us when we are wearing a clown nose?) And best of all, since the customer cannot see that we are wearing the clown nose they have no idea that we are “dissing them!”

Anyway, I just got the most wonderful photo and note:
clown nose photograph
“Hi Brad – I thought you’d like to see how we applied your Ordinary Magic! You were right, life and work is more fun when you can laugh with others.

Thanks for making the HRD Network fun and funny.

Administration and Finance Director
MyDAS, Inc.

Thanks MyDAS for making my day. And thanks for proving that a little playfulness with clown noses can’t change your whole life, but it can certainly change your day. (And, if you change enough days….. : ) )

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