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Clients of Business Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery

Brad Montgomery LOVES his Clients! And They Love Him!

When industry groups, national associations, local chambers of commerce; or Fortune 500 companies, metropolitan hospitals, government agencies; or family-owned businesses, hospice care workers or farming co-ops were looking for a business keynote speaker, all of them have hired Brad Montgomery. Why? Because when it comes to hiring a business keynote speaker, nobody tops Brad for the care, concern, insight and attention he gives to the smallest of local associations to the biggest of the Fortune 500 companies he works with.

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Here’s a Partial List of Brad’s past clients:

Microsoft, Ball Aerospace, Century Link, Exxon Mobil, Amsoil, Alaska Telephone, SCC Communications, New Mexico Oil & Gas Assoc., MillerCoors, Xcel Energy, Arby’s Restaurant Group, The Denver Broncos organization, Allstate Insurance, Global Healthcare, ReMax, Vacation Resorts International, AgStar, Colorado Family Support Council, National Corn Growers Association, National Rural Health Assoc., Wayne Fueling Systems,Colorado Division of Oil and Safety, New York State Troopers, USA White Sands Missile Range, US Army, US National Guard, IRS, CIA, FBI, Forest Pharmaceuticals, Life Care Services, Midwest Eye Consultants, Wyoming Hospital Assoc, National Assoc of Health Underwriters, Case Management Society of America, and MANY MANY MORE!!

What You Want in a Keynote Speaker

In a word: Commitment. Brad commits to be the most involved, engaged, understanding and affordable business keynote speaker that your group, industry, association or business has ever used. But don’t take his word for it. See the many testimonials given from happy clients all across the spectrum of business, government and industry.

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You Want a Speaker Who Can Customize

Another word: Flexibility. Brad loves to work for business groups of all types. As the owner of his own business, he knows what it takes to run a successful enterprise in any form. And being a business keynote speaker for varied clientele means that Brad gets to learn about them and then customize his message to the individual needs of the particular client. For companies dealing with change, he sends a message of growth, employee engagement and positive attitude in the language of that industry or organization, the idioms, the terms of art. For businesses trying to build teams out of employees who know little about each other, he can break down barriers and build up camaraderie through laughter and incisive observations of the foibles of the business world. He can interview the CEO, the CFO, the COO in front of the group, make them look awesome, all the while teaching the employees valuable lessons about the leadership team and their goals for the business as a whole. Being a business keynote speaker at Brad’s level is an art. And Brad has mastered the art of motivating companies, associations, hospitals, clinics and co-ops through his customized programming and thoughtful presentations.

You Want a Keynoter With Experience

Another word: knowledge. Brad has worked as a business keynote speaker for many varied types of industries, everything from smaller business associations looking to motivate or appreciate their members to Fortune 500 companies trying to energize and engage the C-level suite after some bad market news. Brad knows how to speak to so many different types of audiences because he has the experience of over 25 years in the keynote speaking industry and the business chops of someone who runs, manages and grows his own business. In other words, he knows where you are coming from. And that translates into a business keynote speaker who works from the inside out to provide quality, business oriented strategies to deal with a changing world.

CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
Brad Montgomery's Funny Motivational Seminar

Funny?! Yes. You Want a Speaker with a Sense of Humor

Brad believes that the best way to have people learn in a business setting is by making them laugh. People are tired of the dry, boring, know-it-all industry speaker. And while every industry needs its experts, every industry also needs moments of light-heartedness, a break from the heavy responsibilities of the normal work day, an opportunity to poke fun at the sometimes overly serious world of finance, management or manufacturing. Brad’s sense of humor is an antidote to dull, plain-vanilla business keynote speakers. He provides off-the-cuff wit and spot-on observations of everything from the conference facilities to the acronyms used by industry insiders. Offering valuable business advice salted with generous doses of levity is what makes Brad unique as a business keynote speaker.

You Want a Business Keynote Speaker with a Long Client List

Why? Because working with multiple and diverse clients means that Brad has the experience and know-how to fit in with your unique business as well. No two companies are alike. However, there are many industries within the business community that share similar concerns, similar customer bases, similar goals. Working throughout the healthcare industry, or the defense industry, or the manufacturing sector means that Brad has the background knowledge of the challenges those industries face, and can quickly tailor his programs to address those needs. No two programs will be exactly alike. However, because Brad has worked with a lot of banks and credit unions for example, he can cut to the chase as well as skewer some of the pretense and posing that may accompany the finance industry. He can get to the heart of the matter in a way that someone without his experience and client list could by drawing on examples from other companies and applying his observations of experiences elsewhere to the problems at hand. Some of the niche sectors that Brad works especially often in are: healthcare, insurance, government agencies, defense, finance and banking, utilities, agriculture, real estate and various corporate and business association groups.

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You’ve Likely Seen A Mediocre Keynote Sales Speaker

A  Speaker with Humor, Heart and Experience for the Discerning Client Who Doesn’t Want Another Plain Vanilla Speaker

Brad Montgomery. An experienced business keynote speaker. Knowledgeable in your industry. Serious about your problems. Solution oriented. Laugh-out-loud funny. A diverse client base. Not just another plain vanilla business keynote speaker.

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