Why Hire a Professional MC?


Why hire a professional Emcee or Master of Ceremonies??

Why you should hire a professional Master of Ceremonies (MC, Emcee)

By: Brad Montgomery, professional (and funny!) Master of Ceremonies

Do you want your convention or business meeting to rock? Really want a professional wsj2and

smooth program? Want to make sure that even the most important (and sometimes very dry) information has everybody’s full attention? Then hire a professional Emcee!

An often overlooked aspect of any convention is the potential role of a professional master of ceremonies. In addition the obvious benefits of time management and organization, an emcee can liven up any series of presentations with enlightening introductions and witty, on the spot humor. Whether you’re entertaining thousands or presenting tedious and technical reports at a business gathering, an MC is an asset you definitely want to embrace.

Time Management

All too often business meetings and corporate conventions run late due to longwinded speakers. A talented emcee can change all that. Any corporate emcee will ensure that your speakers limit their presentations to the time alloted by personally discussing the performances with each and every person you’ve brought to present. Furthermore, your day will proceed seamlessly as your MC expertly introduces your speakers and smoothly transitions from one to the next. Without a skilled MC, your convention will lack continuity.



afbrad-in-audienceEspecially for the dull business gathering, an emcee will undoubtedly maintain the attention of any audience. By providing the much needed breaks between presentations, a funny MC will supply your audience with plenty of comic relief to get them through the day.

Furthermore, a talented MC will no doubt poke fun at the content of the convention, making the long hours sitting easier to tolerate for your colleagues and associates. Lastly, the emcee’s introductory and conclusive remarks will leave a memorable, humorous, and applicable message in the minds of your audience, augmenting their enjoyment of the convention as well as their appreciation for the other speakers’ presentations.



Above all, MCs are entertainers themselves. Regardless of what you have planned audiencelaughblackwoman2for you audience, the MC will add his own flavor of showmanship that can only make your convention better. MCs are trained professionals, motivational speakers, comedians, magicians, and much more. They can always adapt their expertise to the particulars of your convention and will never fail to entertain your audience in addition to their responsibilities as a master of ceremonies.

Nothing brightens up a convention more than a few well-timed jokes or dazzling magic tricks, and your audience will voice their appreciation. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a corporate MC is their damage-control capabilities. If one of your speakers is late, absent, or otherwise incapable of performing, your emcee can always help to fill in the gaps of the convention with his own material so that your audience need never know there is a problem.

MC. Making Choices

Accustomed to live performance and entertainment, an emcee is a valuable resource for planning the proceedings of any convention. Whether making decisions about how much time to allocate to each presenter or who to hire or seating arrangements in a banquet hall, a professional emcee has the experience and creativity to help you with any and all aspects of convention arrangements. Remember: they perform at conventions for a living, whereas you may be a first time planner/organizer. Utilize their expertise and suggestions as much or as little as you want, but never hesitate to ask for their opinions.


Many conventions ignore the value of a master of ceremonies due to the associated costs. However, an emcee can benefit you and your convention in ways you cannot even imagine. They will ensure the continuity of the proceedings, keep your audience attentive and entertained, incorporate their own exciting abilities like comedy and magic, and lend professional opinions about any and all aspects of convention planning. When considering how to improve your events, take into account the numerous ways in which a professional master of ceremonies can create a fun, productive, and memorable atmosphere for any occasion.

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