Course 2 | How to Pick a Motivational Speaker

How To Book a Motivational Speaker

Day 2 Of Your Requested Course

3 MORE Tips Choosing the Right Motivational Speaker

1. Consider the audio visual component of booking your

speaker. Your speaker should have a clear understanding

of what types of equipment he or she will need.

Ask potential motivational speakers

for it! Look for extravagant or wildly expensive

requests. (It may be well worth it, but it makes sense

to know what you’re getting yourself into.) It is

totally worth the investment of top quality AV equipment

to assure the success of your speaker investment. But at the same time, Brad has spoken from the back of a farm truck. Everything is possible…just know what you’re getting into.

2. Understand that your speaker will be traveling. This

fact will add some expense to your bottom line. Work with

your speaker to understand what the extra fees for travel

will be and how they will work. Find out what is and

is not included.

Details about how Brad handles travel::

3. Don’t book a prima donna. We are often surprised how

often we hear stories about speakers who demand unnecessary

“extras” for no reason. Ask your potential speaker about whether

they will fly first class, hire limos, or charge up unreasonable

road and travel expenses.

And check with their past references to find out what that speaker

is like at the event site. Are they edgy and difficult?

Are they demanding and unreasonable? Do they have “requirements”

that will just add to your head-ache factor? (For example

we heard of one speaker who demanded a fruit tray and a

specific brand of mineral water in a private

‘green room’ even though the event was informal and in

smaller town that made this particular requirement a pain.

There are plenty of professional speakers who would love to

work with you; find one that you’ll enjoy working with.

You want a speaker who is as committed to a successful

(and easy to produce) event as you are. Work hard to

find a speaker who has tons of experience without the ego

that often accompanies it.

4. Consider booking a motivational keynote speaker who can offer books, audio

products and other supporting materials. Many times your

audience will want to purchase your speakers’ books and

resources in order to follow up on the message. Make

sure your speaker can deliver.

Some clients love to pre-purchase products from their

speaker to give to the audience.

This idea has been

VERY successful for meeting planners, and audiences love it.

Audiences would almost ALWAYS prefer to get a book

(or tape or cd or shirt or….???) that is DIRECTLY related to

their keynote speaker than they would a silly clock,

another visor, or a water bottle.

Check with your potential speaker about discount

bulk purchases of resources.

Brad offers many products.

Learn more here:

motivational speaker store


Just Book Brad!


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