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Funny is better!

Funny is better!

Why choose humorous motivational speakers over corporate motivational speakers?

By Brad Montgomery CSP

Your group already knows it: humorous motivational speakers are more fun and more effective than business or corporate motivational speakers. And people learn best when whey are having fun; when they are laughing. If you want your group to thank you… book a humorist motivational speaker!

I am a (hopefully) funny motivator. And I don't mind admitting that I don't teach any new business philosophies. I don't speak on any new corporate secrets or techniques. I'm not gonna tell anybody who moved MY cheese… and I'm not gonna tell ya how to swim with any sharks. But I will get your group feeling good again. Good about themselves, about your meeting, about your business. And most importantly, I'll get them feeling good about their future.

In my opinion business or corporate motivational speakers are wonderful. And often they are the right choice. But my clients tell me over and over again that business motivational speakers speak in the typical manner employees hear daily. In fact, employees hear it so often, they begin to tune it out and future messages are lost. To really get a point across, companies need to use a fresh approach, which is why humorous motivational speakers are so successful.

While there are some who claim not to need motivational speakers, they may be the ones who need them the most. How do you send the message to those that do not want to listen? How do you reach those people who sit in the very back row and cross their arms? To me tha answer is to get them laughing. If you can get them to laugh – and to laugh hard – they will relax and stop fighting. They will slowly start to accept me as a speaker and teacher. And that's where the learning starts. Without the laughter we would be lost.

“People Learn Best When They Are Laughing.”
– Brad Montgomery

Approaching the issues through laughter is fresh and inviting. Humorous motivational speakers offer hope in a way that feels like a vacation. For those 75 mins the speaker is on stage, your audience gets a break from the stresses they brought into the room with them. They get a vacation from their problems.

But unlike a vacation, they come back to work ready to go and with some specific techniques they can use both at work and at home to add humor and laughter to their lives.

And because they are having fun, the message is important, relevenat and meaningful to them. They are ready not only to learn, but implement what they have learned. Employees are eager to use the ideas of humorous motivational speakers in the work place and at home to make life more fun and more meaningful. Sure, any speaker can help, but I feel strongly that if you really want to make an impression, avoid the typical business or corporate motivational speakers.

Bottom line:
People love to laugh and forget about the stresses of the economy and the front page. They want humorous motivational speakers. Brad Montgomery is just that! Oh, just book Brad!

Copyright 2005 by Brad Montgomery. May be reprinted with permission.
Brad Montgomery CSP is a humorous motivational speaker & corporate entertainer. Using his own blend of Hilarious Humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad’s speeces remind us that our lives are Fun & Funny, and Filled with Magic. Brad urges his groups to use humor and spontaneity to rediscover the 'magic' in our lives, our homes, and our jobs. Brad’s clients use him to open or close the convention, or for making their group smile somewhere in between. Reach Brad at 800.624.4280 or

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