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For people wanting to HIRE a motivational speaker

Articles for People Who Want to Hire A Motivational Speaker


Book-The-Right-Speaker Course A Free Four Day Course sent to you in Seconds We think this might be the coolest thing on the website… a free and valuable 4-day course that will help assure that you select the right speaker.

Tailored verses Customized Presentations What you need to know about the difference, and why you should care. Do you even want your speaker or corporate comedian to bother?

Selecting a Professional Speaker Tips and ideas about selecting the right professional speaker for your event, convention, or meeeting.

How to Choose a Comic Speaker    Not sure how to choose a comic speaker?  This article will give you some excellent tips.

What is a corporate comedian? Definition of corporate comedians, and how that will help you select the right one.

Why choose Humorous Motivational Speakers over Corporate Motivational Speakers? Is there a difference between humorous motivational speakers and corporate motivational speakers? What is it? Should you care?

Why You Should Hire a Professional Emcee / Master of Ceremonies. Is it worth the investment to get a pro to Emcee your event? Why you might want to look very closely at hiring a professional Master of Ceremonies / MC.

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