Day 3 | How to Pick a Keynote Speaker

How To Book a Motivational Speaker

Day 3 Of Your Requested Course

Get the Most “Bang for your Buck.”

1. Make sure your keynote speaker knows what you expect.

Speakers can do what they think is a great job

— but if they are delivering what they thought you

wanted… and not what you actually wanted —

nobody wins. Never be shy about laying out very specific

objectives for your speaker. Let them know how you

will quantify a successful event.

2. Make sure the room is set up right. If you are

hiring a pro keynote speaker who can deliver every time — and

you should — the only variable left is how well the

audience can see and hear the speaker. Setting the

distance between the audience and your keynote speaker,

arranging for a proper platform, professional sound,

and adequate lighting might not sound that important,

but it can (and has!) made the difference between a

standing ovation and total flop.

But making sure this stuff is correct is easy and

very cheap. (Usually free.)

Learn how Brad does

it here.

Brad’s A.V. Requirements.

3. Get your keynote speaker up to speed on your group.

Most speakers will drop in important references

to your groups goals, challenges, and history.

But they can only do that if you help them to

understand. Find out what your motivational speaker needs

to succeed to learn about you and then… do it.

For a sample of how Brad learns about your group,

see his pre-program questionnaire.

Brad’s Speaker Questionnaire

4. Put the right speaker in the right time slot.

Work with you speaker to make sure he can deliver

the type of program your time slot requires.

If your people are tired, have been drinking, have

sat through three days of meetings, etc, and then

you ask your speaker to teach 15 steps to

Success… your audience won’t make it pass the

second step. It’s equally goofy to put Sparky

the Magic Clown in front of a team of Health Care

execs at 9 am. Ask tons of questions, and get

your speaker into the right place at the right time.

5. Make sure your speaker receives a good introduction.

Introductions are crucial! Bad introductions poorly

delivered will sabotage your speaker more than you

might guess. Ask your introducer to read your

speaker’s carefully designed introduction… ask them

NOT to interject stuff like, “Hey, I didn’t write this!”

And introducers who interrupt these introductions which

have been crafted over years though trial and error

with what they think is “improvements” or “jokes”

are not helping you and your speaker succeed. Just

the opposite.

Brad’s intro? Glad you asked! Brad’s Keynote Intro

Are you a believer in the power of levity and lightheartedness and its ability to help your organization get to where it deserves to be? Are you having trouble convincing the masses? Give us a call. We can help.

Give yourselves permission to really enjoy it!

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