Day 3 | How to Pick a Keynote Speaker

How To Book a Speaker

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4 Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Keynote Speaker

If you want your speaker to really connect with your

audience, then you want to make sure your keynote speaker

is referring specifically to your groups needs,

stresses, success and fears.

Not only do tailored programs make your speaker more

relevant. But it makes your speaker more funny.

Big time more funny.

It’s one thing for your motivational speaker to say something like,

“Your stresses can be difficult.” It is a whole other

hear something like, “Your Oversight Form 12-B can

really hurt!”

Your speaker should take the time to know


I’m most flattered when I work for a national company and

folks in the audience assume that I must be an

employee that they just haven’t met. They assume that I’m

an fellow employee because “there is no way an outsider

could know us so well.”

Customization and Tailoring are not the same thing. What

most meeting planners really want is a

tailored program. Not a customized program. Find a speaker

who you KNOW can deliver a proven program, and have

them work hard to TAILOR that proven program to make

it valuable and relevant to your audience.

Ask any potential speaker what they have

planned to get to know you and your company.

Check references

to see how successful they have been at presenting a

topical, relevant, valuable and on-target program by

using a tailored approach.

Sounds like a small thing…but trust me… Tailoring

is hugely important.


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Tailoring is not the same as customizing!

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