Change? Laugh or Cry; Your Choice.
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It isn’t always this easy, but it is (nearly) always this simple. When we as organizations or individuals deal with change there are two certainties.  First, it’s going to be something new. Duh. Second, it’s going to happen whether we want it to or not.

Got a new organizational structure? Has has the shape, structure and content of your workforce changed? Or your uncertain about exactly how YOU will fit in with all these changes?

I’ve got a couple of thoughts about it for you, but they both start with the concept that it’s time to stop complaining, stop worrying, and start doing something that can help you. It’s time to start learning to laugh at change.

In my job as a motivational speaker I’m often asked to address the subject of change for my client’s audience. And my theory can be summed up quickly:

“Change?  You might as well learn to laugh at it. It’s one of the few choices you have.”  —  Brad Montgomery

There’s an age-old law of humor and comedy, which goes something like:

Tragedy + Time = Funny

And it doesn’t take much thought to realize it’s true. That disaster family vacation in your teens?  Hilarious! The time crazy Uncle Larry got his foot stuck in the chair and was howling in pain? Ha ha ha!  The Thanksgiving dinner when the turkey was raw, the side dishes cold, and the in-laws psycho? Ooh, my sides hurt from laughing.

They were all lousy times. (Tragedy.) They were all a long time ago. (Time.) But now they are funny.

My suggestion is that all of the lousy things you are dealing with now are probably going to be funny if you let enough time pass. For some of you, that’s going to mean a LOT of time.

But my suggestion is simple: if it’s going to be funny later, why not (at least try to) see the “funny” in it now. See if you can shorten the “Time” variable in the equation from 20 years to 20 minutes.

Next time you are freaking out about something new at work, ask yourself if you’ll really care about this change in five years. Now go one teensy little step further and ask yourself if you think this change might be funny in a month or a week or a decade. If the answer is yes, you’re an idiot to dwell too hard on it.

It’s time to start laughing. Now.

Yes, it’s a simple concept. Which doesn’t mean it’s an easy concept. That new software package you’re sorting through IS a pain in the neck. The uncertainty of the merger IS a stress. The recent layoffs (or rapid growth) are difficult. But so what? Are you really going to let these things ruin your day? Your job? Your life?

Again, if the answer is yes, you’re a fool.

As a change motivational speaker, I teach my audiences this wildly simple concept, and then give them some simple — but seriously effective — techniques and strategies that they can start to implement right away.

The best way to deliver these messages of levity, humor and hope? Through generous doses of laughter.

If we make your group laugh — and laugh HARD — at some really funny and relevant discussions of change, they’ll listen. And because it is so much fun, it will help it stick. Making it funny helps with retention.

Looking for a change motivational speaker? You’ve found him. Contact us here and we’ll strategize the best way to get your folks laughing back their way to health.

Brad Montgomery
Change Motivational Speaker, Funny Guy, Humor Strategist

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