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Check out this funny video where I break every rule in the book.  

Wearing skate shoes is a naughty nasty thing to do in a grocery store. And no, my kids and I didn’t play with them at any Denver, Colorado area Safeway’s or King Soopers. No. We didn’t.

I’ve wanted to try Heelys for some time, but was chicken. I was afraid that I’d be lousy at them. I was afraid I’d never use them and they would sit in my closet mocking me. I was afraid that even if I did wear them in public, I’d feel like too much of an idiot to actually “skate.”

But like so many things in my life recently, my kids influenced me. They looked like they were having fun… and I love playing with my kids… and … and … and…. hello Heelys!

I have used them. I learned them fairly quickly. I wear them a bunch. I notice that adults to gawk and gape when I skate, but (perhaps I’m a fool but) I think they admire me for having fun. I think they think, “That looks fun but I don’t know if I could ever do that in public.” I imagine that a few people must think, “Look at that rolling idiot!.” But I also imagine that more people think, “Cool… there’s another adult on those cool skate shoes.. I wish I had the guts to try that!”

And the cool bonus is that the skate shoes work right into my philosophy I share as a motivational speaker. Much of what I teach is mental / attitude. But I also talk about the importance of DOING things that help us ramp up the fun at work. I hate to mention the “P” word (play) but let’s face it, it makes sense. Of course the definition of “play” for a business audience is tricky, but the concept is solid.

There is NOTHING more playful than skating through a Wal-Mart. It is impossible to be bummed about the sale that didn’t happen, your over-full inbox crammed with emails, and the super-long To-Do list your fretting over. When you play, our stress goes down, our creativity goes up, and we are better able to tackle whatever comes at us.

My point? If you want to make your life — and your job — more fun, and if you believe that if you enjoy your work more you’ll be more productive, than you need to ACTIVELY search out activites that physically engage you in life. You need to find ways that appeal to you.

I’ve found one that works for me: Heelys. I don’t care if you buy these cool shoes or not, but if you don’t, I ask you this: What are you going to do today to actively ramp up the joy and fun in your life? Come on…. do something!

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Parent, Heely Wearer, Rule Breaker


PS.  Seriously, do not wear these shoes in public.  It is against the rules.  Seriously.  Don’t do it.  Really.  I’m not kidding.

I was recently working as an Emcee for a huge technology conference in Texas. They wanted me to be both a motivational speaker and a master of ceremonies. It was a fun date, it was (happily) well received.

(By the way, check out my current avatar on the right. Yes, it’s a lumpy guy w/ fireman pants.  My pals in Second Life think I’m a total dork… which is fine by me as long as they laugh.   This screen shot is a shot of me looking in at my books in the virtual bookstore of my pals over Synapse3di.)

Check out this 40 second video so you can get a feel for what I did:

One of my favorite parts was when I was tasked introduce some of the new ways this organization’s resources available via Second Life. I’m deeply involved in the business use of Second Life, and have spent a bunch of time figuring a way to deliver my motivational speeches via Second Life. So…. well… I knew a bunch about the concept. (Translation: I knew how to make it fun.)

It was a total hoot. Thanks ISTE for inviting me.

Are you looking for a motivational speaker, humorist or humor in the workplace expert to speak for your organization, and you want to hold your event in Second Life? I’d love to be your guy. Contact me here.

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Brad Montgomery
Second Life Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Lumpy Guy with FireMan Pants

Ok.  So the timing is off.  But this video is great.  

This is funny.   I don’t care if you voted Republican or Democrat, you have to admire the clever folks who put this humorous video together.

Click this link for the video.

Notice that I’m famous.

In many ways, this video is like a great keynote speech:

  • Interactive
  • Unexpected
  • Relevant
  • Funny

Next time you present in front of a business audience, do you think you can use any of this principles?

The folks at made me laugh.  And that says quite a lot.

Anybody need a motivational speaker?  I’d love to be your guy.  Contact me here.  (Good Timing Not Required.)


Brad Montgomery
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Ok, so I’m guessing that most folks with a small office often use Starbucks as a second office.  I do.  But in this video podcast check out the reason why I HAD to go to this other office.


It turns out that as I was returning calls and answering emails for motivational speaker job here in Colorado, I was totally silenced.  There was some warranty work that had to be done to correct an error on our house.  We were surprised one morning when two huge guys with jackhammers just showed up and created the symphony of chaos.  (Hurry!  Somebody trademark that…. what a great name for a band.)

Anyhow, it cracked me up.  Hope you enjoyed the video.

If you’re looking to HIRE a motivational speaker (with or without the jack hammer) I hope you’ll contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Colorado Motivational Speaker, Home Officer, Love of Jackhammers.

If you are looking for a fun way to procrastinate at the office, I have a really fun game for ya! I have to admit that the game is silly and goofy and stupid….and I lost about 15 minutes of my life to it. It made me laugh.  It made me cry.  It made me gobble.

Link to game

Or… if you really want to get your staff fired up, motivated, and ready to work — if you want to build their spirit, their teamwork and their communication skills  — if you want to make work more fun in order to boost produtivity, — and if you want your staff to stop playing these silly games —  contact me to speak to your group now!

Brad Montgomery
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PS. For those of you I was supposed to call today   …   blame the turkey!

I just sent this postcard out to some of my top clients.  I think it is funny…. after all, if these guys don’t need a motivational speaker, who does?  Sheesh, I’ve had some fun watching the campaign, and tons of fun mocking it.  But now I’m ready for it to be over.

Quiz:  Can you tell by these photos who I really support?  Obama?  McCain? Let me know (by commenting below) who I support and how you can tell) and the winner will FREE receive a subscription to Hooked On Humor.

Thanks Kids. Either way, we’re nearly done. The polls will tell us who will win the election. Now….who’s gonna win the quiz? Take a chance and comment below.

Brad Montgomery
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LaffyTaffy is a crappy, horrible, nasty candy. And I love it.

Let me explain:

I was goofing with my kids lately, and they were eating LaffyTaffy. (In case you don’t know it, this is a chewy candy that adults generally hate and kids generally love.)laffytaffy

The interesting thing about LaffyTaffy is that it makes my kids laugh. Really. They believe that when you eat it, you laugh. Seriously; they eat some, and they laugh.

So, what’s this got to do for the rest of us? My point is that sometimes laughter is a decision. Sometimes laughter is a choice. Sometimes being in a giggly, laughing mood is as simple as DECIDING that you’re gonna be in a good mood.

I know that it isn’t always that easy.  Simple yes.  Easy, no. I know that with the genuine and frequent stressors we face as adults it isn’t always EASY to just drop things and giggle. But kids and LaffyTaffy prove that laughter is a state of mind.

laffytaffy candyMy point? Next time you’re in a lousy mood see if you can talk yourself out of it intoand into a good mood. It’s possible, and kids prove it. And if that fails, and as a last resort, have some of that LaffyTaffy.

Hate LaffyTaffy and prefer to bring in a funny motivational comedian speaker to cheer up your troops? Click here for more info.


Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, and Lover of LaffyTaffy

I don’t care what side of the political divide you’re on, Sarah Palin makes for some tasty jokes.

One thing is for certain:  she is funnier and easier to tease than Senator Biden.  As a humoristspeaker and comedian, the most fun would  be had with Obama and Palin winning office together.  Too bad they can’t be on the same ticket—  we comedians would go nuts with joy.   (McCain and Biden are just…. well… boring.  They might be awesome at their jobs, but they just ain’t funny.)  Check out this link to a funny site:   Who has time to make this stuff?

Note:  Just keep clicking!  Click on the door over and over and over again.  Made me laugh out loud.  (Ok, so I’m a 14 year old boy on the inside.  It’s still flippin’ funny!)

Tim Conway has to be one of the best sketch comedians ever. I grew up watching him, Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman make each other laugh.

What impresses me about this clip is that it holds up. It is still funny today. (And how many shows from the 70s can we say that about? Happy Days? No way, Fonzy!

As a professional speaker and comedian, I love watching how he cracks the other actors up, and how their laughter makes the sketch even funnier.  He’s funny on his own, but with the his team members busting up he is hilarious.  The other folks laughter turns the sketch from good to great.

This fact is relevant to us in our search for a fun business culture.  Laughter begets laughter. 

 If you want to ramp up the fun in your office and the humor in your workplace, you can start by laughing more yourself.  And if you are a leader or manager, make sure that you make certain others feel safe laughing around you.  Employees are often nervous about letting loose in front of their boss:  don’t let your people fall into this trap around you.  If you are laughing the hardest, your employees will follow.  Trust me on this.

Back to Conway:   The fact that Conway was so “in the moment” and authentic makes me think he’d be a

 killer professional speaker.  Can you imagine having him as your motivational keynote speaker?  Heck yeah!  Imagine him (and his team of comedians) do one of these killer sketches and then connect the learning points to corporate America.  I know he would have the convention or meeting on the edge of their seats because he is so funny.  But I bet when he connects his communication skills, timing, teamwork and ability to deal with constant change to the business and corporate culture, he’d hit it out of the park.   I know I would pay to see it. 

The bad news is that Conway isn’t a pro speaker.  The good news is that I know a motivational speaker that would love to fill in for him. : )  (“Hey mom!  Pick me!”)

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I got a kick out of this funny tee shirt. What cracks me up is how this shirt isn’t far from the truth.

Would you have the guts to wear it to a community college?

How else could you offend the “hand that feeds you?”  What is the worst tee shirt you could imagine wearing at work?

How about:

  • My Manager is Insecure and Incompetent.
  • If (insert your company/organization here) was stupid enough to hire me, how good could they really be?   Or:  Home Depot is desperate enough to hire even me

How about for folks in retail:

  • Nobody who works here uses the crap we sell.   (For example, if you work for Ford, your shirt would be “Everybody at Ford drives a Chrysler.”)

Or for restaurant workers:

  • This hell hole barely passed the heath inspection.

How far could YOU go to slam your workplace?   When does a slam turn from funny to offensive?  Let me know.

PS.  My brother is a college counselor / advisor, and I doubt even he could get you into school if you can’t spell community college.