Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery shares tips, ideas and wisdom about getting more out of yourself.

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Meet Scott Friedman: My Personal Mentor, Encourager, And Advisor

Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery discuss how to live the dream by aligning work, passions, and lifestyle. They delve into Scott's foundation, Together We Can Change The World, and his speaker tours that serve a greater purpose. Discover how Scott's approach can inspire you to create a life you love.

Unhappiness is Rising. What Can We Do About It?

Discover the secret to happiness: social support! Surround yourself with amazing people who lift you up.
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What I Do When I’m Not Working

As many of you know, I put out frequent videos. Most contain some wisdom about life and/or business. But this week I take a break from “wisdom” and let you peak at me and my family.

Finding Motivation in 21 Days

Most of us have heard the theory that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. But in reality, it takes more than 21 days to create consistency for those things we really DON’T want to do. So, how can you motivate yourself to get beyond those 21 days to generate more positivity in your life?
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