Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery on how to get more out of your job, your situation, and your life.

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Why Business Keynotes Need To Be Fun

I’m convinced that the name of the presentation is just branding. And that for my taste, making it at least a little vague and a little fun makes the audience curious.
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Three Tips For Making Your Next Meeting Epic

Planning an epic meeting means creating an experience of value for ALL attendees—from the newbies to the veterans. Everyone who attends needs to feel like it was the best meeting ever and that they got so much out of the event that they can’t afford to miss it next year.
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What Does Positivity Have to do With Sales? Everything!

Engaging in positivity and encouragement is proven to enhance both personal and business relationships. And happier people are more productive, more focused and ultimately more successful in all aspects of life.
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Is “Change Management” a Bunch of CR%P?

Change Management Comes Down to a Simple Choice As a motivational…
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It’s Not About the Money: Why Good Employees Leave

Employees leave their jobs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s…