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Are You Too Chicken To Seek Help? Motivation Is Key in Self Improvement

Here’s my advice: if you want to improve anything from your relationships to your career to a specific skill or tactic, get help.  Ask your peers.  Ask a mentor.  Hire a teacher or coach. Get help from people who already know what you need to understand.  But know that this type of improvement takes guts. 
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Why Are You Looking for A Mediocre Motivational Keynote Speaker?

I believe my job isn’t to be “good enough”. Or to earn evaluations that are high enough that nobody is unhappy. My job is to absolutely rock an audience in a way that everybody congratulates my client for picking the perfect speaker. The speaker that they’ll never forget. The speaker that will make next year’s speaker look bad by comparison.
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Stressed Out? This Motivational Speaker Has Your Back

It’s a great reminder that only we can control our own level of stress. And our own attitude towards a situation has a great deal to do with that.